ipctech QY-P8000 Series Industrial Panel PC Breakthrough -40 ° C Temperature Test

At present, most industrial tablets on the market can operate stably in an environment of -20 degrees Celsius, but for extremely cold weather environments, the -20 degree Celsius standard cannot operate. After our engineers' research and development day and night, we have broken through the technology of -40 degrees Celsius, which is also a problem that 90% of suppliers on the market cannot break through.

Next, please watch our latest series of industrial tablets - P8000 series testing videos at -20 ° C and -40 ° C

First of all, let's ask Miss. Josven to explain this product to us


After an hour of testing at minus 20 degrees centigrade,Next, please ask Freya to test the device for us. If the device can start normally, it means that the P8000 can work stably below -20 degrees Celsius. Its CPU, memory, and hard disk can all read and write normally.


After testing by Freya, the P8000 did not have any problems, and the test passed.

The next thing we want to test is -40 degrees Celsius, which is also a problem that 90% of the suppliers on the market cannot break through. However, after the research and development of our engineers, we have upgraded some accessories of the product so that the equipment can successfully reach -40 degrees Celsius. work steadily.


After 5 hours of testing, Ben showed us the testing process of the device. First of all, the device can be started normally, and there is no problem of blurred screen on the display. Although the screen has a thick layer of frost, its touch function is still sensitive.

For the rigor of the experiment, we tested the capacitive touch screen and the resistive touch screen at the same time. Due to the characteristics of the touch screen, we found that the capacitive touch screen can maintain touch sensitivity at ultra-low temperature, while the resistive touch screen will have no effect when clicking. So for those For customers who want the device to work at -40 degrees Celsius, we recommend capacitive touch screens

Recommend Solution:

LED screen size: 8 inch to 15 inch

Touch screen type: Capacitive touch screen

RAM and SSD: change to industrial level which can withstand minus 40 degrees centigrade.

Touch screen size: 8 to 15 inch can withstand minus 40 degrees centigrade better than screen size more than 15 inch.

Fittings:Add waterproof strips to prevent cold air from entering the interior of the device

ipctech will continue to launch more products that can be used in special industries and environments and we will maintain the rigor of the equipment and ensure taht the functions of the products are't falsely advertised. This is also the long-standing business policy of ipctech which is True / Rigorous / Quality / Servie.

Hope we have a happy cooperation with you!!!